Electronic locks, smart locks & keypad entry

Upgrade your security to the 21st century

Imagine opening your front door with your phone, or checking on the  security of your business while you’re away from the office. We offer  a range of powerful digital lock solutions with smart and electronic locks that can bring your security  to a new level.

Electronic locks with keypad Entry

Keypad electronic locks are super handy, easy-to-use and convenient. No  more looking for your key when you want to unlock the door. All you need  is to type in the code to gain entry. No more worrying about losing your  key and having to call up a locksmith. You can also change the code whenever needed, which is an effective way of tightening up your security.  Keypad entry is a very practical solution, especially if you have multiple  people needing to gain access to a premises. Also, the doors
automatically lock upon exit, so you can save some time.

Locked out? No problem. Our team is standing by 24/7 to help. Just give us a call.

Smart Locks and electronic locks

Upgrade your security while making your life a little easier. We have a number of Smart  Locks that use advanced technology to keep your home or office secure. All you need  to do is press a button on your phone to open the locks to your home. No more keys to worry about. You can also use smart lock apps to keep an eye on the security of your  home.

Choosing the right smart lock

Smart locks are an effective and super convenient solution for both residential and business security. What’s the best option for you? There are a lot of smart locks on the  market right now. Were capable of installing any of them. Here are some of our  recommendations:

  • ASSA Smart-Air
  • Abloy PULSE
  • iLOQ
  • Mul-T-Lock mechanical locks
  • PortAview video tableau
  • Video Porttelefon tableau

We offer a full range of locksmith services

  • Emergency lockouts
  • Door and lock openings
  • New Locks, Lock Installation & Lock Repairs
  • Smart, Digital & Electronic locks. Plus keypad entry
  • Security Systems, Alarms & Cameras
  • Full Security Upgrades
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