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We’re a 24/7 certified locksmith serving the greater copenhagen and Frederiksberg area.
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Below you can read more about our use of cookies and how you can deselect and deactivate / delete cookies.

Some of the cookies we use collect certain personal data. You can read about how we process personal data in our PRIVACY POLICY.


A cookie is a small data file that is stored in your browser. It makes it possible to recognize your device / IP address and collects information about your behavior on our pages. What features you use and about the choices you make.

On our websites, we use both our own cookies and third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are cookies created by external parties – such as partners who provide content for our websites, providers of some of the functions on our websites and providers of analysis programs, as well as partners who provide marketing services.



We use cookies to track you and your browsing behavior on our websites and social media. We do this to be able to give you a better user experience on our websites, where we, among other things are able to remember your choices, e.g. your choice of country. We also use cookies to constantly improve the content and functions of our websites. In addition, we use cookies to target our marketing so that it matches your interests, and to generate statistics regarding the use of our websites.

Our cookies can be divided into six main categories: (1) Required cookies, (2) Functional cookies, (3) Performance cookies (4) analytics cookies and (5) marketing cookies (6) Others.

(1) Required Cookies

Necessary Cookies are absolutely necessary cookies, which ensure that the website works as intended. I.e., that they ensure basic function and security on the site. These are anonymous. You cannot deselect or disable necessary cookies.

(2) Functional cookies

Functional cookies make our websites work better. They store information about your visit to the website – e.g. to store items in your shopping cart or to remember your text in our forms. Some of our function cookies are necessary cookies.

(3) Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used to analyze the website’s performance. This is important to ensure and improve the user experience on the site.

(4) Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies enable us to measure how our websites and profiles on social media perform by e.g. to recognize and count the number of visitors to our websites and by seeing which products our visitors are interested in as well as which campaigns and other marketing our customers show interest in. This helps us to improve and develop the service and the products, that we offer our customers and our marketing initiatives.

We can collect information about your computer, mobile, tablet, etc., including e.g. your screen resolution and browser, and information about your internet connection such as your IP address.

Using these analytics cookies, we also record from where our visitors came to our websites, and information about our visitors’ browsing on our pages, including for example how long our websites were visited, what features were used and what products were set. We only use this information at an aggregated level, which means that the information cannot be linked directly to you.

(5) Marketing cookies

On our websites you will find product recommendations and promotions. You can also meet our marketing on other websites and on social media. To ensure that our recommendations, promotions and marketing are relevant to you, we use marketing cookies.

The marketing cookies that we use collect information about your browsing behavior, including e.g. which products and campaigns / marketing you have shown interest in on our and other websites, information about device ID and geolocation based on your IP address. This information may be combined and used together with information regarding your order history, our previous correspondence and your profile information as well as other information that you have provided to our partners or that they have collected themselves. We also use cookies to show you ads on other websites.

We use this information to personalize the ads we show you.

(6) Others

“Other” cookies have not yet been analyzed and therefore have not been classified in one of the above categories.


The first time you visit our websites, you will be asked to give your consent for cookies to be set on your device. You can choose to accept all cookies, or you can customize your cookie settings so that only some of the above cookie categories can be used on your device. You can also opt out of the use of all cookies except necessary cookies, which are necessary for the website to function.

If you choose to deactivate the use of cookies on your computer / phone / tablet, you must be aware that we cannot give you the best possible experience on our websites, as you will not be able to use certain services and functions that require cookies. – e.g. to remember your choices.

You can withdraw your consent or change your cookie settings at any time


If you use a link on one of our websites to another website, you must be aware that such websites may use cookies that are not covered by this policy. We encourage you to review the cookie policy of these websites yourself.

Trusted. Reliable. Friendly. ​We provide locksmith services anywhere in the greater Copenhagen area. Give us a call for an estimate or a consultation. Locked out of your home? We can be there in 15-30 minutes.

Contact us

Phone no.: (+45) 70 20 70 39

Need help now?

Need help now?

Trusted. Reliable. Friendly. ​We provide locksmith services anywhere in the greater Copenhagen area. Give us a call for an estimate or a consultation. Locked out of your home? We can be there in 15-30 minutes.

Contact us

Phone no.: (+45) 70 20 70 39

Need help now?

Need help now?

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